our story
American Carbon Corporation’s roots date back to 2006 when the founding partners acquired and successfully restructured a mining complex of 7 mines and a wash plant located in Floyd County, Kentucky. Since then, management has utilized their operating philosophy focused on safety, efficiency, cost, and quality to acquire and restructure operating complexes in the eastern United States in both positive and challenging operating conditions.

Our entrepreneurial backgrounds lead our business model that is centered around disrupting legacy industries to transition them forward to modern day industry opportunities. We entered the mining industry to pull it forward from an old, inefficient industry that would lead to sustainable jobs for the community and an ever improving environmental footprint. The market demand for steel infrastructure and rare earth and critical elements to support modern infrastructure growth is projected to have decades of strength for our workforce and our investors.
"With over 12 years of experience in successfully operating assets in the infrastructure marketplace throughout all stages of market cycles, we have built an innovative platform that is very well aligned with our nation’s infrastructure and green energy priorities and focused on our customers, investors and employees to deliver accretive growth safely and efficiently"
Mark Jensen