As a next generation and socially responsible supplier of raw materials to the new infrastructure marketplace, we are also one of the largest owners of mining infrastructure in Eastern Kentucky. We recognize the need to evolve and adapt. Our mission is to provide jobs that are desperately needed, while also taking the necessary steps to protect the environment throughout the entire scope of our operations. We are committed to fostering a culture of compliance within our company, as well as with our contractors and vendors.

We look to build upon our track record of success with regards to environmental stewardship by physically remediating the earth and fixing the negative issues left behind by the legacy industry has left behind.
The American Carbon Corporation ESG Successes
Received environmental bond releases on over 7,000 net impacted acres.

Efficiently reduced bonded environmental liabilities by over $20,000,000 that were acquired from previously bankrupt companies that most likely would have fallen back to the state and tax payers.

Eliminated supply chain redundancies and inefficiencies at operations to reduce fuel consumptions and overall waste.

Received the Sentinels of Safety Award, the nation’s most prestigious award recognizing the nation’s safest mines.

Average pay for our employees is over 200% more than the minimum wage in the region, with over $45 million in direct payroll over the last four years.

Independent board with diverse skills and experience including a distinct committee specifically dedicated to environmental and safety.
To further build upon our results, and as a mining company, we are breaking down the barriers and stigmas that this industry cannot focus on environmentalism. On the contrary, we have made the following pledges, which we believe separates us from our competition.
The American Carbon Corporation ESG Initiatives
Maintain a net negative new acres impacted from operations since inception.

Preference on investment in energy efficient equipment, supply chains and processes.

Promote diversity and inclusion at all levels of the company.

Corporate philosophy built around accountability at all levels of the operation.